Canobolas 4WD Adventures

We are a locally owned and operated 4WD tour company operating out of the beautiful Central West city of Orange, only 3 1/2 hours from Sydney.

This is my home and my backyard and I would love to share this wonderful historic region with you.

Canobolas 4WD Adventures offers you and your friends or family a memorable full or half day tour, exploring the history, landscape, wine and food on offer. We can travel to destinations such as Hill End, Sofala, Ophir, or perhaps winery tours of the local cold climate vineyards, or tour the numerous historic villages that help define this majestic region, and of course don’t forget the photography tours to capture the beauty of the Mount Canobolas State Recreation Area.

We can see wildlife, and stop for photo opportunities, while bushwalking through these magnificent areas exploring as we go. We can fossick for gold with metal detectors and gold pans, all supplied for your use, and you might be lucky enough to take home your own speck of gold.

Canobolas 4WD Adventures offers you the freedom to plan your own adventure for the day. We cater for all ages, overseas and local tourists, Corporate events or tailor a tour to suit your interests. Let me take you on a discovery tour in my trusty Pathfinder Ti 4WD, we can accommodate a minimum of 2 adults and a maximum of 6 adults in total luxury.

Along the way we stop for a cuppa and morning tea, and at our destination we cook a BBQ lunch, included in full day tours.

When you book a tour with Canobolas 4WD Adventures I am your personal guide and driver from the time I pick you up from your accommodation until you are safely returned totally exhilarated to your door.

Phone: 0408 414 700
Email: Click here to email us

Larry Mills


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